A Note to iSong Customers:

iSong was recently acquired by Hal Leonard Corporation, the world's
largest music print publisher. Hal Leonard has been in business for over
50 years and is renowned for producing songbooks, sheet music,
educational publications, reference books, videos, DVDs, children's
music products and more. Hal Leonard has been distributing the iSong
product line since Spring of 1999 and is proud to now have a much more
active role in developing and selling iSong titles and utilizing the iSong
technology in Hal Leonard products and web sites.

The iSong Community web site is being re-launched - stay tuned for
news on those exciting developments! If you have questions on iSong
products, feel free to contact Hal Leonard at halinfo@halleonard.com.

Download the latest iSong Player
PC: iSongSetup.exe
Mac: iSong Mac Installer
Special note for Windows ME and QuickTime users.

For product information and to purchase all available iSong titles,
visit www.musicdispatch.com

For more information on the iSong parent company,
visit www.halleonard.com